Company profile

The commencement of operations dates back to August 2011, when we started hiring and providing staff in Slovenia to other users or business partners. To date, we have acquired invaluable experience in the field of personnel recruitment in the international market, which is reflected in long-term partnerships with clients and employees and in the company’s constant growth and development. We can point to the fact that more than 80% of the volume of operations is achieved in foreign markets, i.e. mainly in Austria and Germany. This also provides us with good references for the future.

Currently, Amo Mont, d.o.o., employs approximately 300 people abroad and in the Republic of Slovenia, of whom the majority are employed in construction activities, followed by warehouse operations, electrical installation and production activity.

We cooperate with most of the largest and most reputable construction companies in the European market, where our employees are working on more than 20 projects, and with large-scale companies in the domestic market, where our employees are involved in more than 10 projects.

Our vision is to provide qualified and reliable workers in the domestic and European markets and to become the most reliable business partner for our clients. The company’s objective is to continuously improve the quality of services provided in the field of personnel recruitment, business stability, obtaining recommendation references from business partners and strengthening visibility both at home and abroad.

Company growth

Average number of employees since 2011

Areas of activity

At Amo Mont, d.o.o., we commenced our operations by providing staff to various clients in the EU labour market in the area of activity of home electrical installations, and quickly identified several opportunities in the fields of implementation of specialised electrical installations in road, railway and other tunnels.

The professionally trained staff of electricians, who we meticulously selected at the initiative of business partners, led the company to new challenges when an opportunity to cooperate with the largest tunnel construction contractors in the EU arose. Today, the company focuses its main activity on the provision of workforce in the field of construction, i.e. mainly employees who are trained to perform the most difficult tasks in the construction of tunnels and their rehabilitation. So far, we have participated with our employees in more than 20 tunnel construction projects across Austria, Germany and Norway. However, the area of activity is rounded off in providing skilled staff to domestic production and utility companies.

We diligently monitor and successfully adapt to constant changes in the labour market and harsh competitive conditions at home and abroad, as demonstrated by the constant growth in the volume of operations.



  • operation and maintenance of drilling machines and other tunnel boring machinery (TGM)
  • handling of formwork for the inner lining (secondary lining)
  • carrying out formwork works and concreting of foundations and ground arches
  • carrying out formwork works and concreting of “covered-cut” tunnels
  • construction and installation of tumbling machines for tunnel boring machinery (TBM)
  • excavation works in the tunnel (primary buttressing)
  • logistic works inside and outside the tunnel
  • tunnel rehabilitation works


  • carrying out formwork works
  • laying of reinforcement and concreting (walls, bridges, etc.)
  • operating material crushers with loading
  • asphalt paving works
  • masonry works
  • installation of pre-cast concrete products
  • various rehabilitation works on buildings
  • operating construction machinery

Electrical installations


  • electrical cabinet connection
  • cable laying
  • connecting to the grid
  • implementation of all types of lighting
  • installation of luminaires
  • installation of switches


  • execution and regulation of electrical installation in tunnels
  • installation of fire protection in tunnels
  • installation and wiring of telecommunication lines
  • implementation of all types of tunnel lighting
  • installation of a transformer station in tunnels

Warehouse operations

  • storage of all types of goods
  • inventory monitoring
  • goods issue 
  • logistics (operating a forklift, etc.)

Production activity

  • works in the production process
  • product quality and quantity control