About the company

Established in August 2011, Amo Mont d.o.o. operates in the fields of recruitment and providing human resources to other users. Having gained valuable experience in HR provision on an international level, the company has recently begun focussing on the Slovenian market as well.

Amo Mont d.o.o. currently employs some 200 people in Slovenia and abroad. Most of them work in construction, followed by warehouse operations, electrical installations and manufacture.

Our partners include most of the largest construction companies on the European market, where our employees are currently working on over 20 projects, as well as major companies in Slovenia, where our employees are involved in more than 10 projects in various industries.

Our vision is to enhance the current state of recruitment in Slovenia and Europe in general, becoming the most reliable HR provision partner on the domestic and European markets. Our objective is to keep improving the quality of recruitment services, to win praise and testimonials from our business partners and to establish a visible profile in Slovenia and abroad.

Company growth

Average number of employees since 2011

Fields of activity

Initially, Amo Mont d.o.o. provided workers to various European clients solely in the field of domestic electrical installations but later expanded its activities to cover electrical installations in road, railway and other types of tunnels.

The company has a pool of highly qualified electricians who are hand-picked to meet the needs of our business partners, enabling us to work with some of the biggest tunnel construction companies in the EU. Today, our main focus is on providing human resources for construction, particularly workers who are qualified for the most complex tunnel construction tasks and tunnel repairs. To date, our employees have worked on over XX tunnel construction projects in Austria, Norway and Germany.

The changing conditions on the labour market and the severe competition have led the company to expand its operations to include the domestic market as well, where our services are used by the biggest manufacturing and public utility companies.



  • Operation and maintenance of tunnel boring machines and other TGM machinery
  • Handling interior lining (secondary lining)
  • Lining work, concreting foundations and inverts
  • Lining work and concreting in “cut and cover” tunnels
  • Making and installing “Tubling” for TBMs (tunnel boring machines)
  • Tunnel excavation work (primary sub works)
  • Logistical works inside and outside the tunnel
  • Tunnel repairs


  • Lining works
  • Laying wire mesh and concreting (walls, bridges, etc.)
  • Loading and operating crushers
  • Asphalting works
  • Building works
  • The installation of prefabricated concrete elements
  • Various repair works on buildings and infrastructure

Electrical installations


  • wiring electrical cabinets
  • cable laying
  • construction of electrical installations
  • installation of all types of lighting
  • installation of lamps
  • installation of switches


  • the construction of electrical installations in tunnels
  • fire protection installation in tunnels
  • installing and laying telecommunications cables
  • the installation of all types of tunnel lighting
  • the installation of transformer stations in tunnels

Warehouse operations

  • warehousing all types of goods
  • monitoring supplies
  • issuing goods
  • forklift operations


  • simple manufacturing works
  • product quality and quantity control